If my vehicle is an all wheel drive, can it be moved with a wheel lift?

An all wheel drive vehicle is best moved with a flatbed, but it can be moved with a wheel lift that has dolly capability.

Do you need the keys to tow my vehicle?

No. Keys are not NECESSARY to tow a vehicle, but they make it much, much easier. If no keys are provided, the vehicle cannot be put into neutral, allowing the wheels to roll freely. With the wheels locked, the vehicle will be drug onto and off of the truck. A front wheel drive vehicle can be moved without keys with a wheel lift if the parking break is off.

Will you accept a personal check?

We accept cash or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover). Generally speaking, no checks.

If I am in an accident or arrested, can I request the towing service of my choice?

Yes. In most cases you are able to request the towing service of your choice. This is, however, always subject to law enforcement discretion based on the specific situation.

If I have no insurance or liability coverage only, am I responsible for towing fees?

Yes. If you are in an accident (even if you are not at fault, but the other party has no insurance) and you have only liability coverage, you are responsible for any fees incurred. These fees include the towing service and any damages to property at the scene.

Am I required to show proof of ownership of a vehicle to claim it or personal property inside?

Yes. If your vehicle in stored or impounded in our secure storage lot due to accident or arrest, you must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle and an ID showing you are the owner to claim both the vehicle and any personal property inside. It is the law that we may only release a vehicle to the registered owner and this includes any property inside.

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